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Govpreneur India aims to promote

  • Sharing of ideas on Government 2.0, Open Government, Open Data, Collaboration within and outside the organization.
  • Promote adoption of these ideas by Government agencies.
  • Undertake and incubate experiments on these areas.
  • Provide resources and mentorship for aspiring Government Agencies and Govpreneurs.
  • Showcase Open Source Projects, useful apps that promote Gov 2.0

Broadly exploring the emerging frontiers in Government Technology space.

Govpreneur story so far….

After tinkering with blogging, WordPress a lot of apps for personal and professional use, in early 2012 i decided to start a  website focusing on using open source applications for Government activities. It was called Govhash – connoting mixing up – an idea or a number.

Withing a short time the idea was expanded from just hashing and hacking4gov to sharing best practices, ideas and inspirations. GovInspire was thus borne. Over the course of six months from mid 2012 to early 2013 GovInspire covered various happenings related to Government, technology etc.

The ideas was further expanded to not just showcase or report but to actually do and help those who do. Implementing a new idea in the Government space comes with its own perils and challenges. It covers the whole spectrum of ideas, methods and challenges every entrepreneur trying to stratup needs to overcome. The only difference being the source of funding. For Govpreneur the funding can come from Government (ofcourse), a corporate as part of CSR, a donor, or just the omnipotent CROWD.

I would define Govpreneur thus

A Govprenuer is an entrepreneur/Intrapreneur  who creates a   project and makes it happen in a Government environment with all the expected maze of rules regulations and mindsets. It requires all the qualities that are required in the Entrepreneurial or StartUp world. A Govprenuer undertakes significant amount of risk and competition to make his ideas take shape, succeed and deliver value to the public. It involves a great amount of stakeholder communication. A Govpreneur works with the Government, of the Goverment or for the Government – to make a change.

This website is dedicated to spread the ideas, support, collaborate and connect Govpreneurs.

Do you have something to ask/discuss… You can Contact Us on this page.

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Bureaucrat exploring the intersection of Technology,Society and Soul. Government 2.0 Advocate, Open Gov believer, Open Source enthusiast, Father, Husband. *** A Knowledge sharing initivative. Opinions are personal ********

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