Paper on Social Media in District Administration

I wrote a paper on using social media in District Administration. The summary is that Government should go where its constituents are. If Citizens are Customers, then Government should definitely engage with citizens on social media.

This paper was written for eIndia 2011 Conference. Social media has gained more prominence in the Governmental set up ever since. If you need a background on why/how to use social media in the field administration this paper will provide some pointers.

An approach to use of Social Media in District Administration


Govhashing the Digital Agenda Assembly 2012 Open Source software and content

Govhash is dedicated to creating newer smarter and agile approach to solve governance issues. With that idea in mind we will be experimenting with the various open source solutions that are freely available for use. We will try to hash them to apply for newer geographies, domains or applications.

The Digital Agenda Assembly of the EU set a fine example for the OpenGov movement by making open the content and the platform. It is based on Drupal 7. The discussions are also available as a zip archive.

I tried installing the software on my shared hosting server, created the database table and tried to run the install script. It showed a MySQL error with PDO. On further enquiry I found that the error is because my shared host not providing the required MySQL version as per Drupal Requirements.

drupal daa12 pdo error

Lessons Learnt:

Check up the requirements and compatibility before installing any software.

When signing up for hosting be clear about your requirements and ensure that the service provider is supporting the specs.

White Paper on Open Data published by UK


The UK Government has released its Open Data white paper . Open data is all about putting transparency as the core of government and public services. Access, Standardization, Open format and “Presumption to publish” will be the concerns that will be kept in mind while making data open.

The files are embedded below: