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Do You Love to use Social Media to create Social Impact – Planning Commission of India Wants You

social media staff in plg comm
Do you that the Planning Commision of India is very active on social media. They started with a facebook page for the 12th Five Year Plan . You can be a Young Professional in the Planning Commission and use Social Media for Social Impact. Now thats an awesome statement to add in your resume. See the job description below and apply in the format provided in the notification. Ofcourse you can apply through Email. Goodluck.

My Vote My Right – eIndia 2013 Awards – Pl Vote in Public Choice Category

Dear Friend,

My project on Youth Voter Awareness through Social Media is nominated in eIndia 2013 Governance Awards.
It is a bold experiment to use social media and web to connect with Youth Voters and received well. I was awarded the Best Returning Officer for use of technology by Election Commission of India.
I request you to Vote in the Public Choice category and by visiting the link below. (before midnight july 14th)
Scroll down to G2C Category and select My Vote My Right and submit.
Also spread the word on facebook and email please.
More details of the project is given below.
Thanks for your support.
Nagarajan M

My Vote My Right – Youth Voter Awareness

  • Project Category
    : Governance
    Sub Category: Government to Citizens (G2C)
    Reference No.: eindia2013/awards/242

    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description:
    Voter Awareness Campaign using Social Media for maximum participation.

    To spread awareness about Election process, inform Voters and increase voting in elections.

    Target Group: Voters of Gujarat with focus on Youth.

    Geographical Reach within India: State of Gujarat

    Date From which the Project became Operational: 15-7-2012

    Is the Project still operational?: Yes

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School innovative:

    1. Facebook Quiz application for Voter Awareness .
    2. Pledge to Vote by sending SMS.
    3. Integration of Voter Registration and Polling Booth Locator in Facebook Page.
    4. Polling booth locator, Polling Officer Locator and Voter Registration in single Website .
    5. Direct Update of Awareness activities by the Government Staff in Social Media.

    Five key achievements of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School:

    1. Proof of concept for Engaging Youth Voters through social media.
    2. Increased Capacity of Government Staff to adapt to new age thinking and performance.
    3. Increased Voter Awareness and Participation in Elections.
    4. Introduction of New Media in reaching out to Citizens.
    5. Model for using Technology to improve Government Outreach.

    Five key challenges faced while implementing the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School and how they were overcome:

    . Sensitizing Government Officers and Staff about potential of New Media.
    2. Training for behaviour change and communication management.
    3. Optimal Web Application design to achieve Campaign Objectives.
    4. Convincing Higher authorities on using Social Media in Government.
    5. Creating content that is interesting and useful in a easy to digest format.

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School replicable:

    1. Built on scalable open source software.
    2. Election Rules are same across the Country. Country adoption is easy.
    3. Multi Author Multi Location Capable architecture.
    4. Simple model for using the Power of existing Social networks like Facebook and Twitter and Youtube.
    5. Even Government Staff with minimal Computer knowledge can operate.

    Five points to elaborate on the scalability of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School:

    1. First Time Social Media has been used in an official election campaign.
    2. Proves that Social Media is not a reputation risk but useful tool.
    3. Targeted messages to audience is possible only through use of technology and analytics.
    4. Any Government Servant like Clerk can use the system all across India.
    5. Built on Open Source reliable software and uses Social Network Platforms.

    More at

On re-election Barack Obama creates Facebook and Twitter records

Barack Obama made history by not only getting re-elected as the President of the United States but also the writer of the most re-tweeted tweet in history so far and also the “most liked” facebook photo.

If you dont believe what i say you can look at the Obama tweet .Infact the tweet was updated by the Obama team, as he has the habit of signing his personal tweets at BO in the end.

Most Retweeted Tweet

The team also updated the facebook photo in his page which got liked more than 4 million times. 4437725 times liked as of writing this.

Most like Facebook Photo

Social Media tips for Government Employees [Video]

Social Media in Government is no longer a fashion statement in Government. It is getting integrated into the Government process and is transforming the Citizen Government Interface. The Government of India has come out with guidelines for use of Social Media. Some departments like the Delhi Traffic Police have used facebook to provide updates and interact with citizens and has lead to improvement in quality of governance and created a positive perception of Government. Very soon if not already your office will be using Social Media  like facebook, twitter, blogs to help achieve organizational efforts. Here is a video to quickly grasp the dos and donts of Government employees on social media. The video pertains to Canada but the pointers apply universally.

Social Media tips for Government Employees (Video link)

#ModiHangout – A short Twitter analysis

Gujarat CM Narendra  Modi became the third political leader in the world to do a Google+ Hangout. It was a well managed event with building up of adequate buzz by taking questions from public at large. The event was anchored by Ajay Devgan which added the needed blitz to the event. Mr. Narendra Modi a star in his own right doesn’t need a cine star to pep up a show. However Ajay helped in keeping the flow of the hangout. Many local TV channels got into the fray by live telecasting the hangout video right from their computers with all the pauses when the video was being buffered by the computer. Who said that what happens in the internet will remain only in the cyber space.

The tweets started pouring in and the official stats have been released in Narendra Modi’s website.

Lessons for Officers

Your Boss knows better –

Dont lag behind, learn and explore

Social Media – Love it or hate it but do learn it

You are no more the channel for information, its d2c now – Direct to Citizens.

Dont just follow your office orders, follow then in social media also.

To Social or Not to Social is the Question

Narendra modi Google plus hangout

Just an hour ago Gujarat CM Narendra Modi becomes the third leader in the world to do a Google Plus after Barack Obama and Julia Gillard. Its easy to dismiss this as just a technology fad or race to take a place in technology history.

The internet has evolved from just being a medium to view information to a platform to connect with people and now to engage with your constituents.

Every leader is an engager. Whether you are leading a group of people in an private organization, non-profit or a government organization you can’t lead without engagement. Influence by position is out, influence by trust is in. Trust is generated by being genuine, original and engaging. It means building a relationship. It is the trust in the relationship that converts to influence.

Online channels and social media present an opportunity for every individual to be genuine, original and engaging. It helps you to be deal with mass communication and personal engagement at the same time.

Social media presents an opportunity and a challenge. Communicating through social media is still a basic human expression. It provides a chance to engage with your tribe on a closer level at the same time it comes with the challenge of managing the dynamics of virality to positive effect.

Social media is a tool. It becomes good or bad depending on the purpose for which it is used. It is not a microphone to shout meaningless noise. Rather it is a tool to provide a service/value to your target audience.

Creating a facebook page or a twitter handle is not the thing. Its what you do with it that matters.