#ModiHangout – A short Twitter analysis

Gujarat CM Narendra  Modi became the third political leader in the world to do a Google+ Hangout. It was a well managed event with building up of adequate buzz by taking questions from public at large. The event was anchored by Ajay Devgan which added the needed blitz to the event. Mr. Narendra Modi a star in his own right doesn’t need a cine star to pep up a show. However Ajay helped in keeping the flow of the hangout. Many local TV channels got into the fray by live telecasting the hangout video right from their computers with all the pauses when the video was being buffered by the computer. Who said that what happens in the internet will remain only in the cyber space.

The tweets started pouring in and the official stats have been released in Narendra Modi’s website.

Lessons for Officers

Your Boss knows better –

Dont lag behind, learn and explore

Social Media – Love it or hate it but do learn it

You are no more the channel for information, its d2c now – Direct to Citizens.

Dont just follow your office orders, follow then in social media also.

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