Can You survive on $1.25 per day – 1.4 Billion People do

Extreme poverty is defined by the World Bank as living on less than USD$1.25 a day. For those living in extreme poverty this needs to cover everything — food, health care, housing, education. This is the kind of poverty that leads to children dying for lack of a basic immunization or access to clean drinking water. This level of poverty is unjust and unnecessary. Extreme poverty is the greatest injustice facing our time. A world that sees over one billion surviving on less than USD$1.25 a day, deprived of their basic rights and opportunities, is unjust and unacceptable.

The last two decades have been the most successful in history in the fight against poverty: the share of people living in extreme poverty has been cut in half worldwide, from 43% in 1990 to under 20% today. However, it is unacceptable that more than one billion people still live in extreme poverty. Ending extreme poverty in our lifetimes is a difficult but achievable goal. Now is the time to take action!
end extreme poverty by 2030

What can You do to End Extreme Poverty by 2030?

At the least you can Sign a Petition Online to end extreme poverty by 2030.

Tell the world what you can get for $1 in your place. Just take a picture of what you can get for $1 and post it on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with #1dollar hashtag. It will be collected at the World Bank Social Hub for #1dollar.

Ask your friends to answer the #1dollar question on social media. Sample post:“What can you buy for #1dollar? More than 1 billion people live in extreme poverty. Post a photo of what you can buy for #1dollar in your country on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and tag it with #1dollar to help spread the word: it’s time to end povertyhttp://zeropoverty2030.org”

About Zero Poverty 2030 Campaign

Zero Poverty 2030 is a campaign run by Global Citizen, an initiative of the Global Poverty Project, in partnership with charities working to end extreme poverty #by2030.

Global Citizen is a learning and action tool designed to help you become a more effective agent for change. Developed in partnership with leading organizations working to fight extreme poverty in the developing world, Global Citizen brings everything you need to know about extreme poverty into one place, and then helps you keep track of the issues and opportunities you care about.

The Global Poverty Project is not-for-profit organization whose vision is much like yours: to live in a world without extreme poverty. We know that extreme poverty is an injustice that can be ended. And we’re working to make it happen by building a global movement for change. We’re working to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty. We utilize the power of education, communication, advocacy, campaigns and the media to advance the movement to end extreme poverty. You can learn all about us – our history, track record, Annual Financial Review – on our website www.globalpovertyproject.com.

Together, we can raise awareness and end extreme poverty. We look forward to seeing your Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and signatures.

Here are some of the things that you buy for #1Dollar around the world.

Visit the World Bank Social Hub for #1dollar to see more…..

What do you think $1 can buy?




Facebook Profile or Page – When to use What in a Government Social Media Campaign

Oh! we are having this conference/event/campaign in our office and this time we want to use social media to reach more people. If this is a thought you have ever had in your mind, chances are that you next thought creating a social media campaign. Facebook is what comes to mind when you think of a social media campaign. The purpose of using social media is to connect and engage with your client. In a government setting the clients may be anyone who comes to avail a service in your department/agency or the public at large.

Last year around this time I was preparing to make a campaign to use social media to reach out to Youth Voter in the Gujarat 2012 elections. The aim was to go where your target audience was (read Facebook) and speak their language to connect and exort them to Vote in the elections. The dilemma i faced was to decide whether i should create a facebook profile or page for the campaign.

When to Create a facebook page

For situations like this a Facebook Page is a more appropriate choice. The Facebook terms also mention that you cannot use your personal timeline for commercial purpose. A facebook page provides some facilities that will help you achieve your campaign objectives of connecting and engaging with citizens viz.

Like Buttons –  Available only on facebook pages and its unlimited. For example visitors cannot like your profile but can only add as a friend. Friend connections in profiles are limited to 5000 per profile.

Apps – Apps provide additional functionalities like surveys, contests, games and a million possibilities for engagement. A profile can use an app but cannot host it. For example the famous FarmVille game is actually an app that you use on a facebook page.

Gating – Facebook pages provide gating functionality which help in showing specific content to people based on whether they have liked your page or not.

Page Management Roles – An FB page provides roles for multiple people to manage it. You can delegate roles like Page Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst to other team members who can create posts/manage the page.

Page Insights – An FB page provides insights on likes, reach and people talking about this etc through simple graphs. This will help in estimating the campaign traffic and performance monitoring.

FB page Management Tips:

  • You can get a fancy name like www.facebook.com/my-campaign-name once you reach 30 likes.
  • Content posted on a page is public and viewable by anyone who can view the page.

While all this is cool there are a few things about a facebook profile that you need to keep in mind. An FB page can be created only by a profile. A page cannot be created independently. In a Government setting it will be better to create an official profile to manage all these pages and apps. Problems may arise if pages are created under personal profiles and the concerned person is transferred. It is also wiser to create a dedicated email id for such web initiatives. There is a lot to talk on that. But thats for another day : )

Now go make a splash on FB and share it with us here in comments.



On re-election Barack Obama creates Facebook and Twitter records

Barack Obama made history by not only getting re-elected as the President of the United States but also the writer of the most re-tweeted tweet in history so far and also the “most liked” facebook photo.

If you dont believe what i say you can look at the Obama tweet .Infact the tweet was updated by the Obama team, as he has the habit of signing his personal tweets at BO in the end.

Most Retweeted Tweet

The team also updated the facebook photo in his page which got liked more than 4 million times. 4437725 times liked as of writing this.

Most like Facebook Photo