Open Government Book by Oreilly – eBook is now released for free

Open Government Book

Open Government

I have been reading up many articles available on the internet relating the to Government 2.0 . The articles though elightening were not covering details indepth or  did not provide more meaty knowledge on the subject like a book would do. Thats when i stumbled upon “Open Government” book published by O’Reilly. It is a collection essays, interview and case studies that provide a non partisan account as it becomes transparent, collaborative and open.

The eBook version was released as free as part of #PDFTribute movement after the sad demise of Aaron H. Schwartz , a young activist and hacker. It can be freely downloaded at  from Github.

Open Government was published in 2010 by O’Reilly Media. The United States had just elected a president in 2008, who, on his first day in office, issued an executive order committing his administration to “an unprecedented level of openness in government.” The contributors of Open Government had long fought for transparency and openness in government, as well as access to public information. Aaron Swartz was one of these contributors (Chapter 25: When is Transparency Useful?). Aaron was a hacker, an activist, a builder, and a respected member of the technology community. O’Reilly Media is making Open Government free to all to access in honor of Aaron. #PDFtribute

— Tim O’Reilly, January 15, 2013


If you like to buy a printed copy follow the links:

(Flipkart Link) Open Government Book – Delivery in India

(Amazon Link)  Open Government: Collaboration, Transparency, and Participation in Practice

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