New Ownership – The Shift from Top Down to Bottom-Up

Picnic is a leading European platform for innovation and creativity that functions as an incubator and accelerator. Every year a group of people including technologists, artists, politicians and economists are called to take on a new challenge during two days of lectures, workshops, labs and more.

This year’s festival happened 17 and 18 September in Amsterdam, with the theme New Ownership: The Shift from Top Down to Bottom-Up. Picnic welcomed more than 3,000 visitors, illuminating how new technologies and connectivity are empowering common people, spreading knowledge and increasing civic engagement. This trend is gaining strength at a time when the loss of trust in traditional top down institutions is increasing, resulting in local and global communities with higher social awareness, engaging in bottom-up strategies.

No matter where you are in the world, you can become an expert on your own, accessing videos of MIT lectures through their website, watching tutorials on or diving in the TED-ED educational library. This openness and democratized spreading of knowledge has created alternatives to mainstream education, hopefully presenting a opportunity for it to improve.

All we need now is a will to do. Everything else is there already.

Sharing and creating value for others is important. As described by Tim O’Reilley in the Clothesline Paradox.

Online services and social networks have increased people’s civic engagement, making them feel connected and heard.

This has ramifications for Citizen-Government Interaction in India.


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