Alwar Vahini – a transport model for emerging cities.

Alwar city with a population of about 3.5 lakhs  is one of the fastest growing cities of Rajasthan and the NCR region. For the past decade with a rapid rise in industrialization and economic development in the district, there has been a strain on the existing infrastructure of the city. The District Administration with the support of agencies like RTO,Banks, UIT Alwar and Tata Motors has changed the transport system for the better.

The project introduced Euro IV compliant four wheelers to replace the auto rickshaws. Bank funding and exchange programme helped make the project viable. Support infrastructure and soft skills training were provided to drivers. A control room to monitor traffic was put in place.

alwar vahini launch

Alwar Vahini: Co-operative society. A Co-operative society was formed of all the Alwar Vahini owners so that common benefits like insurance can be provided to the members. All members shall have to undergo a free annual compulsory medical check-up which shall involve physical fitness, eyesight check etc. The office bearers chosen by the society shall be the contact persons so that administrative orders can be conveyed to all members through the co-operative. To engender a feeling of belonging to a close knit group and build up an unique group culture of “samman aur seva” – which is the motto of Alwar Vahini, regular meetings and get-togethers are held.

An attractive exchange programme has been provided for the present three wheeler owners. The intention is that the persons who are presently engaged in the public transport trade are given the first opportunity to upgrade to a better means of transport. 515 three wheeler owners from Alwar city have submitted their names for the exchange offer. Once the exchange is fully done, Alwar would become free of three wheelers.


Support Infrastructure Development: A holistic approach has been taken to ensuring a well managed traffic situation in the city. Towards that end, the following measures have been taken

  1. Construction of 20 modern bus stops on the New Delhi pattern
  2. Installation of 15 high resolution CCTV cameras throughout the city
  3. Construction of a modern Police control room
  4. Widening of main city thoroughfares (67 kms in total underway)
  5. Erection of 25 High mast lights
  6. Beautification and reengineering of 5 city roundabouts
  7. 1040 Signages installed throughout the city on the New Delhi pattern
  8. 4 City entry gates with traditional Rajasthani architecture
  9. Reengineering of all t – junctions which are accident prone and construction of slip lanes.
  10. 4 New ROB’s which have been approved by the government.
  11. Collapsible traffic management gates installed
  12. Police watch towers installed

Project website:

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