White Paper on Open Data published by UK


The UK Government has released its Open Data white paper . Open data is all about putting transparency as the core of government and public services. Access, Standardization, Open format and “Presumption to publish” will be the concerns that will be kept in mind while making data open.

The files are embedded below:

Norway, UK open up Company Register Data

Open Data is all about providing access to data in easy machine readable formats for further use. Norway and recently UK have released their Company Register data via APIs. Its now possible to find new use cases to Company data. Indian Companies exploring EU markets can now have a better understanding of Businesses there.

Belgium is expected to publish its company register soon. Here is a graph showing countries and their progress in opening up company data, expectedly Norway leads the pack.


India does not figure in the list. These three countries are leading the pack among countries that signed the Open Government Partnership. India though is not a signatory has mode some progress by releasing a Open Government Platform in partnership with USA.

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