Data.Gov celebrates three years of Openness

Data.Gov the open data portal of USA celebrates its three of openness.

Growing from 47 datasets in 2009 to nearly 450,000 datasets today, reaches across 172 federal agencies to bring data to innovators, developers, analysts and citizens across the nation. The data shows up in smart phone apps, websites, and information that lets people buy smarter, use energy more efficiently, and find better health-care solutions each day.

Source: had become a vibrant community of experts from the public, academia, industry, and government to address the national challenges in energy, health, and law, and this year new communities launched on safety, education, manufacturing, oceans, ethics, developers, and business. These topic-based communities drive open data to higher levels by organizing challenges to inspire new innovations to supporting code-a-thons in cities, to building platforms for entrepreneurs to find new technologies and grow their businesses— is putting federal data to work for Americans. is managed by the General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies working with the U.S. Chief Information Officer and U.S. Chief Technology Officer.

At this juncture I couldn’t resist the temptation to compare the Indian response to the #OpenGov movement. India has released the Open Government Platform in collaboration with US . Though India is not a signatory to the Open Government Partnership this is a welcome step towards Open Data. It’s a challenge and an opportunity for India to use open data a driver of growth, economic equity and sustainable development.

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