The One Virtue that Every Officer should Develop or Risk becoming Irrelevant


At first there was those Officer-like-Qualities (OLQs) that were the golden standard to recruit/judge an officer. Then came the Emotional Intelligence era spearheaded by Daniel Goleman et al. It meant relating with people and providing people-centric leadership. A combination of high-task, high-people style of leadership was considered the most effective. The emergence of the connected world changed the way we work, live, socialize and build relationships in that order.

The web is changing the world beneath your feet. This has led to the emergence new relationship titles like facebook friend, twitter friend, linkedin contact, farmville neighbour (though there is no real farm nor villa). The networked individual’s actions and interactions led to the emergence of the collective -Networked Intelligence. The self organizing capability of the social networks looks like a beehive.

The web is clumping into hives of experts who are organized by the problems themselves instead of company silos, national boundaries, or political appointment.

This self organizing provides a chance to connect these hives and enable exchange of ideas,sharing of knowledge and combining passion to solve issues of common concern. This network provides next chance create a better world where everyone is a partner.

Innovation, education, solutions for urban decay, international diplomacy, health issues, cracking highly complex technical problems — almost every significant human problem is being debated and, and I believe, will eventually be solved by passionate experts wherever they live.

And Collaboration is the one virtue that a Public Servant needs to create value and succeed in the era of networked intelligence. This is how he can tap the power of networks to solve larger issues. And for collaboration has a pre-requisite called “the culture of sharing”, which is neither institutionally supported nor passionately created. The Public servants are late in joining the new future and their last bus is about to leave. Once again its either collaborate or perish. Listen up Officer.

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